Clark & McNeil present at TRICOM Industry Insider Webinar

Join TRICOM and Clark & Gotzler for the October edition of TRICOM’s Industry Insider webinar for a review of several hot topics in Wage & Hour Law.  To begin, we will discuss considerations for bonus pay in overtime calculations, overviewing the differences between discretionary and non-discretionary bonuses and running through calculation scenarios.  Next, we will provide an update on the changing approach to tip pooling between the Obama and Trump Administrations.  We will end with updates on the current status of the Trump Administration’s Wage & Hour Actions, including its actual and projected approach to various aspects of the Obama Administration’s Overtime Rule.

By the end of this session, you’ll gain insight into some of the hot topics in Wage & Hour Law.

Topics Include:

Bonus pay in overtime calculations
Discretionary and non-discretionary bonuses
Changing approach to tip pooling
Trump Administration’s Wage & Hour Actions
Projected approach to the Obama Administration’s Overtime Rule

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