Mike Gotzler Presents: “Investigations in the Staffing Industry”

Join Mike Gotzler on Wednesday, June 14 at 11:00 AM as he presents “Investigations in the Staffing Industry”. The webinar is sponsored by WASS and is free for members.

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Presentation Information

Employee complaints take all shapes and sizes.  Responding to each of them properly is key to maintaining your coveted workplace culture.  When should an employer investigate an employee complaint?  What should the investigation involve and who should conduct it?  These are just a few of the many questions that workplace investigations pose.  Investigating employee complaints often involves complicated legal, practical and personal issues for employers.  The risks associated with an ineffective investigation include an increased chance of litigation, a decline in staff morale and productivity, and the loss of confidentiality.

Some organizations must follow certain prescribed steps when responding to employee complaints.  Others, like staffing companies, face additional hurdles and considerations when the allegations involve conduct at a client location or by a client employee.  Our webinar will cover the following key points: Different Duties for Staffing Companies, Risks of Ineffective Investigations, Common Mistakes, Planning & Initiating the Investigation, Choosing the Right Investigator, Conducting Witness Interviews, Reaching and Presenting Findings, Post-Investigation Action.