Mike Gotzler Presents at the NAPEO Annual Legal & Legislative Conference

NAPEO Annual Legal & Legislative Conference (Wash D.C.) – Thursday May 19, 2016. Mike Gotzler presents, “Independent Contractor Challenges in the Gig / Uber Economy”.


We are now in the Gig/Uber Economy, new territory for all employers, especially PEOs. This session will give a brief update about the many forces encouraging this new independent contractor model. With this model comes many new compliance challenges: different tests with different standards; penalties/exposure; why PEOs and their clients should care with recent examples & new enforcement trends; specific components of which independent contractor test(s) should control, the essence of an independent contractor; the most common criteria from the different tests; review of recent court decisions; and best practices & red flags to look for.

For more information, see PEO Capitol Summit.