Perkins and Clark Present “Aligning Human Resource Functions with Your Mission”

On January 18th, Tricia Perkins & Jane Clark at the Nonprofit Leadership Initiative.  In this half-day session, the pair discusses how organizations can live their missions through the Human Resource function.

Executive Directors: Even if you are a staff of one, the principles learned in this session will help you with all of your stakeholders.

Board Members: Even if your nonprofit is a staff of one, the tools you will learn will help you in your “day” job with customers, clients, supervisors and direct reports.

We encourage you to save time after the presentation for a planning session to work on the topics covered in the session.

When your Human Resource function is aligned with your organization’s mission, vision, values and strategic direction, the organization attracts, rewards and retains employees who infuse the mission in their daily work. This workshop will help you:

  • Identify the right recruiting resources and creating behavioral interview questions aligned with your culture
  • Welcome new hires to your organization’s culture starting with the first day of employment
  • Design a compensation and benefit structure that rewards behaviors aligned with your mission
  • Coach and develop your team to achieve individual goals that align with your organization’s mission and growth

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