Revised Form I-9

The revised Form I-9, issued 07/17/2017, must be used beginning today for all new hires. Although there were minimal changes to the form, it is important to use the latest version of the Form I-9 to minimize fines during an audit. To further minimize fines, keep in mind these common areas that are often missed or incomplete when employers complete the Form I-9.

  • Employee leaves spaces blank. Enter N/A in blank spaces, such as Apt. Number
    Employee and employer uses two digits instead of four digits to complete the year (09/18/17 versus 09/18/2017)
  • Employee does not check a box in the Preparer and/or Translator Certification section. Even if an employee completes their own Form I-9, the employee must check the first box (I did not use a preparer or translator).
  • Employer does not complete the Employee Info from Section 1 at the top of Section 2.
    Certification section is dated with the date the form is completed. The date in this section is the employee’s first day of employment.

These are only a few areas that can lead to fines in case of an audit. The Form I-9 Instructions and Employer Handbook issued by the USCIS are excellent resources for questions about the I-9 process. Clark & Gotzler can also assist with I-9 related questions, compliance and/or self-audits.